da Vinci Robotic Hysterectomy, Myomectomy & Colposacropexy

/da Vinci Robotic Hysterectomy, Myomectomy & Colposacropexy
da Vinci Robotic Hysterectomy, Myomectomy & Colposacropexy

da Vinci robotic surgical procedures are highly effective in remedying a variety of conditions in women’s health including those solved by myomectomy and hysterectomy surgeries. Fully certified in July, 2007, Dr. Eisenberg has performed over 1,000 da Vinci robotic surgical procedures making him the most experienced surgeon in North Texas for the use of robotic techniques in women’s health. This experience has provided him the capability  and insight to diagnose conditions that are optimally suited for da Vinci and differentiate them from those better served through traditional surgical procedures.

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da Vinci Robotic Hysterectomy: Minimally Invasive Surgery

Most commonly, a hysterectomy is necessary for women suffering from endometriosis, pelvic prolapse disorders, uterine fibroids, cancers and multiple uterine diseases. A robotic hysterectomy procedure has opened new doors for both patients and surgeons.

In addition to various physical restrictions, a traditional vaginal hysterectomy or abdominal hysterectomy can require up to six (6) weeks to fully recover. The da Vinci robotic hysterectomy surgery method is not only minimally invasive, but also highly effective for treating these disorders and allow women to return to their normal activities within a week of their surgery! Robotic hysterectomy can have you back a

The da Vinci robotic hysterectomy is less physically traumatic, requiring a shorter hospital stay with less recovery time due to more accurate precision and removing the aspects of incisions generally associated with surgery.

Benefits of Robotic Hysterectomy

Some of the benefits of the robotic hysterectomy versus the traditional hysterectomy include:

  • Less post-operative pain,
  • Less Tissue trauma and blood loss,
  • Limited scarring
  • Faster return to your normal routine of activities.

Robotic Hysterectomy Process

The difference between the new system and the old procedure is that “the da Vinci system provides surgeons with enhanced visualization – including high-definition 3D vision and a magnified view of the surgical site – increased precision, and better control. While sitting at the ergonomic console, the surgeon controls the system, which translates his or her hand movements into smaller, more precise movements of tiny instruments inside the patient’s body.”

da Vinci Myomectomy: Minimally Invasive Surgery

When treating uterine fibroids, the da Vinci laparoscopic myomectomy is becoming a standard alternative to a hysterectomy. The da Vinci method incorporates state-of-the-art surgical procedures designed to preserve the uterus. In comparison to the traditional myomectomy surgery, the da Vinci method offers unparalleled benefits that can only be found in the field of robotic surgery.

da Vinci Colposacropexy: Minimally Invasive Surgery

Many women have a ‘falling out’ sensation vaginally, especially after having had a hysterectomy. This problem is constant, uncomfortable and can be associated with urinary incontinence and problems with bowel movements. It is like the vagina is turning inside-out, a bulge is commonly seen protruding between the legs. A procedure called a colposacropexy using robotic surgery is an excellent way to treat this condition in a minimally invasive fashion. Most patients go home the same day as the surgery and have very short recovery times with few restrictions.

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