Dr. Eisenberg Completes 200th Robotic Procedure

//Dr. Eisenberg Completes 200th Robotic Procedure

In July of 2007, Dr. Eisenberg of Dallas, TX took time out of his schedule to attend an extensive training program where he learned how to apply the most modern advances in robotic surgery to women’s health. Two and a half years later, Dr. Eisenberg completed his 200th procedure on the Da Vinci robotic surgery equipment, bringing 2009 to a close as the most experienced surgeon in Dallas and Collin counties in robotic hysterectomy, myomectomy, and other womens health related procedures.

The Da Vinci system and robotic surgical procedures have had a profound impact on both the Dallas medical community and its patients. Prior to the introduction of non-invasive, robotic surgical techniques, procedures such as hysterectomies required patients to recover from 10-12 inch long incisions which significantly limited physical abilities for a period of 6-8 weeks. The Da Vinci procedure, requiring four small, hole-like incisions, has reduced recovery times to 1-2 weeks, with patients generally returning to work and family activities during the recovery period.

Beyond minimizing scarring and increasing recovery times, robotic surgery has had a positive impact on the North Texas economy.

First, in one of the most challenging economic times in modern history, the thought of taking a 6-8 week medical leave is almost unthinkable for both employees and employers. The fast recovery times associated with robotic procedures have put North Texans back into their daily routines, helping to increase productivity and decrease the economical impact of surgery. Second, the medical community in North Texas has been a pioneer of robotic surgery, attracting patients from both out of state and out of the country. These patients were brought into North Texas as their medical cases were severe enough to require a minimally invasive procedure the was unavailable in their state or country of residence. Beyond impacting their quality of life, this has been positive for the North Texas economy.

Dr. Eisenberg returned to work after the holidays with a full surgical schedule for the months of January and February, during which time he will continue to step up to new surgical challenges using some of most advanced surgical equipment in the healthcare industry today.